Vegas Baby

VEGAS BABY, Let’s take a trip!

VEGAS BABY, Let’s take a trip!

Sometimes you gotta fly to Vegas on a Wednesday with two of your best friends that you grew up with driving in from Utah. You also have to roll into the casino on mushrooms, head straight to the craps table and lose $200. Then you must go to the Wheel of Fortune machine and drop $100 in about 4 minutes.

Now that you have my secret recipe for killing it in Las Vegas..

Take your friend who’s never been to Vegas, give him the dice. Edgar rolled me $250 back on his first shot. He won me another $650 on his second. He called out a hot shooter on his first roll who won another $650 and we left.

That was a VERY short abbreviation that left out so many highs and lows to our mini Hangover like vacation.

Unfortunately, I’m so behind on blog posts I can’t afford the time to write out the full story. I did my best to give you cliff notes, you make up the details!