About Truth Studios

If you want the best recording quality and mixed records from an authentic trusted studio, this is it. Truth Studios is a Boutique Recording Studio located in West Hollywood, CA. The studio has a unique combination of analog and digital equipment from ATC 50s, BA 1084s, a Sony C800-G mic, Pro Tools HD 12 to a Burl B2 and Lynx Aurora for the main converters. Home to hundreds of artists from around the world in all genres of music. As a boutique studio, Truth dedicated its facility to recording the highest quality vocals and mixing with the best digital and analog tools available. Founded by Nick Breton, who manages the studio and operates as chief recording and mixing engineer alongside a small group of in-house engineers and producers. The studio has developed a notable reputation working on highly regarded records with many of the world's leading talents.
"I love the vibe of the studio. The quality of my music has increased since we started working there. Nick and his crew are pros at this sh*t"
- Dom Kennedy, *LA WEEKLY
"This is my life's work and passion, it shows in everything we do. I'm always making changes to the studio and upgrading the gear... I want to maintain confidence that we compete on the elite stage at all times."
- Nick Breton, Founder