Upendo Mural at Truth Studios Marks 6 Year Anniversary

Upendo Mural at Truth Studios Marks 6 Year Anniversary

Upendo Mural at Truth Studios Marks 6 Year Anniversary


The 6-year anniversary for the studio quietly crept up on us and silently passed by. In the midst of all the sessions happening at the studio, I haven’t had time to do anything besides record/mix/master, eat and sleep. At this point, 6 years into our current location, I could not be more proud of the work accomplished by the studio. I could not be more proud to say that business has been continously thriving year after year and the studio has been growing in large strides each month.

Upendo Taylor and I first met at Raphael Sadique’s studio in North Hollywood. He was a mutual friend to one of my first clients, Y-O formally 1/2 of U-N-I. Back in 2009 or 2010 I had Pen paint a microphone that I purchased with money left to me by my late grandmother. The art was inspired by one of her favorite activities, cards (hearts in particular). We called her “the Queen of our hearts” on her tombstone. I had Pen paint a queen of hearts on the mic and it gave the microphone a unique identity alongside the studio. As I continued to shoot and release videos of artists in the studio, the mic gained world attention and became a point of attraction for all of our clients.

After 6 years, Upendo blessed the newly constructed wall with a beautiful abstract mural. A gorgeous greeting for clients to grab creative inspiration as they go in for their studio session. Thank you very much Upendo, you did it again!


Artist, Graphic Designer, Clothing Designer, Footwear Designer from Los Angeles area. Famous for many pieces including the J Dilla artwork for The Shining Album.


Truth Studios is a boutique recording studio located in the Fairfax district of Hollywood, California. The studio started in the bedroom of studio owner Nick Breton’s apartment making music with local Los Angeles buzzing artists. We have since grown into a beautiful loft where the studio currently operates. Truth offers studio rental, recording, mixing and mastering services to independent and major label clients from every corner of the globe.

Truth Studios is affiliated with acts such as Chance The Rapper, James BlakeVic MensaJoey Bada$$, Boi 1da, Macy Gray, Mr HudsonWalk The MoonMartin GarrixDom Kennedy, Asher Roth, Chuck Inglish, Alina Baraz, Anatii and hundreds of other artists. This studio has become a landmark icon in Los Angeles and the music community worldwide.


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