Truth Studios March 24th 2017 _Nick Breton Photography-1

Truth Studios March 24th 2017

Truth Studios March 24th 2017

I took time this morning to do a quick photo shoot. Didn’t get to clean the studio as much as I wanted because I had a short time frame before Cam arrived. None the less, it still looks fucking awesome and I’m really proud of it! The acoustic treatment really took the studio to a new level. Stylistically, it fits the room perfectly. The Bamboo and white/gray fabric are beautiful!

One missing piece to the puzzle, new speakers & speaker stands. It’s been a long road to get them ready to use in the studio and I’m hoping to get it done this weekend. The Sound Anchor nightmare is over, I picked up the missing hardware the other day. Game time.


Brauner VM-1
Purple Audio Sweet 10 500 Series Rack
Great River MP500NV Pre Amp
Lynx Aurora 16
Burl B2
Grace Design m905
Pro Tools HD 12
Adam Sub-12
Adam S3X-H

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Truth Studios March 24th 2017, documenting the early stage Truth Studios Remodel. Truth Studios March 24th 2017, control room console photo by Nick Breton