Towkio WWW. Album Truth Studios Recording Studio Los Angeles

Towkio WWW. Album Out Now!!

Towkio WWW. Album Out Now!!

Excited to post this because so much has gone into making this album. I’ve watched it from all stages. When I was working on Wav Theory with Towkio he told me his next album was gonna be WWW. When he was going through the initial ideas of some of the songs I knew right away it was going to be special. After multiple trips to Shangri-La including one where I got to meet the Gawd Ricky Rubin I knew something amazing was happening. I’ve been a huge believer in Towkio since I first heard Reflections and Free Your Mind. When I found out Towkio was one of the singers on Heaven Only Knows I was blown away.

Community Service 2! was next, BANGERS. Playin’ Fair was immediately thrown on loop at the studio when I first heard it. All the beautiful visuals that Towkio created for the intro and other videos took it another dimension deeper as to how impressive his abilities are.

WWW. came out today after Towkio went up over 100,000 feet in the sky. Go listen to it. Be open minded. Enjoy that shit with the volume on 11 and let me know what you think about it after!

To top ALL of that off, he’s become a true friend to me and I’m thankful for the time we spend together. Congratulations P, you’re a real living legend.