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Thomas DaVinci April 2017 Recording Session

Thomas DaVinci April 2017 Recording Session

Artist: Thomas DaVinci
Engineers: Nick Breton


Back in the studio with Thomas DaVinci! He’s one of my recent favorites, I think he’s incredibly talented and developing more with each session. We knocked out a full song tonight in three hours and spent some time playing with ideas after it was recorded. Very smooth flow to the entire session, first run on the ATCs and I believe I knocked it out the park! The speakers are going to take some time to adjust and learn but they sound fucking beautiful.

I set Thomas up on the U87 and started running through the various stages to set levels. Once we got up and running he breezed through the recording process. He had the lead vocals ready to rock and we had them all cut within 20/30 minutes. He played with some ideas for doubles and adlibs on one section then I went to work with my paint brush and got creative. We always have fun working together and land on something great by the end of the session. Fantastic little session tonight!


Singer-Songwriter, rapper, and producer from Chicago. Working on a collection of new music to debut as he does spot show dates around the west coast.


Neuman U 87 (Vintage 1971)
Purple Audio Sweet 10 500 Series Rack
Great River MP500NV Pre Amp
Lynx Aurora 16
Burl B2
Grace Design m905
Pro Tools HD 12
SMC50 | ATC Loudspeakers
Adam Sub-12
Adam S3X-H


Truth Studios is a boutique recording studio located in the Fairfax district of Hollywood, California. The studio started in the bedroom of studio owner Nick Breton’s apartment making music with local Los Angeles buzzing artists. We have since grown into a beautiful loft where the studio currently operates. Truth offers studio rental, recording, mixing and mastering services to independent and major label clients from every corner of the globe.

Truth Studios is affiliated with acts such as Chance The Rapper, James BlakeVic MensaJoey Bada$$, Boi 1da, Macy Gray, Mr HudsonWalk The MoonMartin GarrixDom Kennedy, Asher Roth, Chuck Inglish, Alina Baraz, Anatii and hundreds of other artists. This studio has become a landmark icon in Los Angeles and the music community worldwide.


Thomas DaVinci April 2017 Recording Session at Truth Studios Los Angeles with engineer Nick Breton. Thomas DaVinci April 2017 Recording Session.