Studio Upgrade Stage One Complete at Truth Studios

Studio Upgrade Stage One Complete!

Studio Upgrade Stage One Complete!


I’m VERY excited to declare stage one of the studio remodel complete. 100% success rate, 110% actually. Everything exceeded my expectations and I’m very humbled by the feeling it created in the studio. I actually got a little choked up when I put everything together and turned it on for the first time yesterday. The lights look amazing, the studio feels like a new place when you sit at the desk. After 6 years of facing the other direction the energy has completely switched up in here.

The feeling of knowing this is only the first step is incredibly motivating. I plan to work as hard as I possibly can to continue to raise money for the next steps. Step two is to re-build the ceiling downstairs to help add more isolation. Step three is to re-build the wall going from control room to live room and finally replace those french doors. BIG TINGS as our Canadian clients will tell you, BIG TINGS!


Truth Studios is a boutique recording studio located in the Fairfax district of Hollywood, California. The studio started in the bedroom of studio owner Nick Breton’s apartment making music with local Los Angeles buzzing artists. We have since grown into a beautiful loft where the studio currently operates. Truth offers studio rental, recording, mixing and mastering services to independent and major label clients from every corner of the globe.

Truth Studios is affiliated with acts such as Chance The Rapper, James BlakeVic MensaJoey Bada$$, Boi 1da, Macy Gray, Mr HudsonWalk The MoonMartin GarrixDom Kennedy, Asher Roth, Chuck Inglish, Alina Baraz, Anatii and hundreds of other artists. This studio has become a landmark icon in Los Angeles and the music community worldwide.


Studio Upgrade Stage One Complete at Truth Studios Los Angeles.Studio Upgrade Stage One Complete at Truth Studios, ready for business!