Studio Makeover Part 1

Studio Makeover Part 1

Studio Makeover Part 1


Over the course of 10 years, I’ve learned a lot regarding buying and selling equipment. I use Craigslist alongside eBay and, constantly buying and selling (sometimes ;) ). As a seller, one rule I’ve adopted is to make the sale asap. If someone tells you that you have a deal, you don’t until you have cash in hand. I had a few low offers on this desk and one offer at full price but the issue was he needed the desk asap or he’d have to pass. Our new desk doesn’t arrive for a week but I couldn’t afford to miss the sale so I took the deal and tore down the whole studio in under 3 hours with my girlfriend’s help.

The buyer was very happy with the desk as it was in near mint condition and roughly 30% off retail price. It was a taxing process with so many cables to sort, gear to store and planning what to set up as a temporary system to keep working. We’re excited about the next steps as new gear continues to arrive it opens up the capabilities of what we can do for our clients! Happy and proud to say for certain, Truth Studios will be in world class form by the end of next week!!!


Truth Studios is a boutique recording studio located in the Fairfax district of Hollywood, California. The studio started in the bedroom of studio owner Nick Breton’s apartment making music with local Los Angeles buzzing artists. We have since grown into a beautiful loft where the studio currently operates. Truth offers studio rental, recording, mixing and mastering services to independent and major label clients from every corner of the globe.

Truth Studios is affiliated with acts such as Chance The RapperJames BlakeVic MensaJoey Bada$$Boi 1daMacy GrayMr HudsonWalk The MoonMartin GarrixDom Kennedy, Asher Roth, Chuck Inglish, Alina Baraz, AnatiiSmino and hundreds of other artists. This studio has become a landmark icon in Los Angeles and the music community worldwide.


Studio Makeover Part 1 for Truth Studios! Desk sold, new desk on the way, more gear on the way! Studio Makeover Part 1 complete!