Roy Jones Jr Recording w Bullet at Truth Studios Los Angeles

Roy Jones Jr Recording w Bullet

Roy Jones Jr Recording w Bullet

Artist: Roy Jones Jr, Bullet
Producer: Mixed
Recording Engineer: Nick Breton


Surprise call from my friend AJ Relan looking to book a studio for Roy Jones Jr & Bullet. I had this week blocked out for mixing as I have a long EP and 2 albums on deck but this was too special to pass on. I used to listen to Roy’s music when I was in high school, I watched all of his highlight videos and thought he was the fucking man. Never thought it would lead to making music with the legend himself. We worked on tracks for the Body Head Bangers Vol 2 Mixtape/album… Also legendary. To top it off, I got to record Y’all Must’ve Forgot part II ! Roy arrived with an artist named Bullet who’s featured throughout the new project, here’s how it went down.

Recording details:

I set up the C800-G for the guys because I wanted a big Busta Rhymes style vocal for Roy and thought that would deliver for me. From the mic into the 1084, 70hz low cut on the EQ into the Purple MC77 for transient control. Once transients were lightly tamed I took it to the Tube-Tech CL-1B for flavor/beef and finally in through the Burl B-2. If you’re familiar with the gear you know it’s hard to get bad results unless your room is just terrible. Fortunately, our room has a really great natural sound and everything performed perfectly!

Roy tracked his verse in chunks, we laid each piece down multiple times until we felt we got “the one” and built out the whole verse within minutes. I had him do two layers of phrase doubles so I could pan them wide and get the big Busta Rhymes style vocals that pop out on key words. He laid some adlibs through the verse and wrapped it up.

From there we went into the verse, Roy’s famous “Y’all Must’ve Forgot” phrase sounded almost exactly like the original song. The input drive on the pre gave us a tiny bit of distortion/edge on the vocal which really accented his aggression/energy. I put a quick delay in the open space to reference the hook in part one and cued up tracks for Bullet.

Bullet laid his verse in one take after I set levels, one take of phrase doubles and a few takes of ad libs to get it right. They both delivered their verses in their style which fits the track perfectly.

After tracking everything I threw down some quick pre production edits and a fast mix so the guys would go out in style. What a treat, such a fun surprise. Thank you AJ! Thanks Roy & Bullet! #BodyHead!!


One of the greatest boxers the world has ever seen, he also raps :)


Sony C800-G
BA 1084 (original 1990’s neve model)
Purple Audio MC77
Tube-Tech CL1B
Lynx Aurora 16
Burl B2
Grace Design m905
Pro Tools HD 12
SMC50 | ATC Loudspeakers
Adam S3X-H
Adam Sub-12


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Roy Jones Jr Recording w Bullet at Truth Studios with Engineer Nick Breton. Roy Jones Jr Recording w Bullet in Los Angeles at Truth Studios Hip Hop Studio.