Rory & Mal Podcast Recording CNCT 2 Podcast Studio at Truth Studios

Rory & Mal Podcast Recording CNCT 2 Podcast Studio at Truth Studios

Hip-Hop asked if the Podcast studio was available for Rory & Mal to come in and shoot an episode. Took a shot although at this point everything in the Podcast studio is new to me. Still working out lights, camera lens’, camera switcher & audio interface setups.

The guys came in to shoot an episode and I was operating sound & camera switching. I haven’t seen the episode released yet, assume it may never come out because the quality is far below the others on their channel.

I will always take the shot even if it doesn’t work out. Funny feeling to work on something new that I don’t know what I’m doing. After 15 years of engineering I’m very confident to work with anyone and turn out great results. The Podcast world is very similar but I have to learn about gear.

I was using the Roland VR-4HD for both audio and video but getting a lot of white noise in the recordings. The SM7B’s require a lot of gain so I had to nearly max out the pre amps. The video switching part is easy but the image quality was a bit noisy. Still tracking that down. Combination of cheap glass and cheap lights.

Blowing up the current rig to re-build something a bit higher in quality. Still fun to hang with these guys and thank them in person for their support of God Bless The Child last year.