Progress x Chuck Strangers Project [day 1]

Progre$$ Recording Session w Nick Breton

Progre$$ Recording Session w Nick Breton

Artist: Progre$$
Producer: Chuck Strangers
Recording Engineer: Nick Breton


Reconnected with Progre$$ after a small work hiatus. He’s been writing to these beats for about 6 weeks and came in with guns blazing! We re-recorded a few verses from previous recordings and found the sound we got to be incredible. It’s truly amazing how much great gear set up properly with good recording technique can do! He tore through three songs with ease then we sat and discussed the plans for the next two days. This EP is going to take massive leaps forward and we’re excited to wrap it up!


Neumann U87
BA 1084 (original 1990’s neve model)
Tube-Tech CL1B
Lynx Aurora 16
Burl B2
Grace Design m905
Pro Tools HD 12
SMC50 | ATC Loudspeakers
Adam S3X-H
Adam Sub-12


Truth Studios is a boutique recording studio located in the Fairfax district of Hollywood, California. The studio started in the bedroom of studio owner Nick Breton’s apartment making music with local Los Angeles buzzing artists. We have since grown into a beautiful loft where the studio currently operates. Truth offers studio rental, recording, mixing and mastering services to independent and major label clients from every corner of the globe.

Truth Studios is affiliated with acts such as Chance The RapperJames BlakeVic MensaJoey Bada$$Boi 1daMacy GrayMr HudsonWalk The MoonMartin GarrixDom Kennedy, Asher Roth, Chuck Inglish, Alina Baraz, AnatiiSmino and hundreds of other artists. This studio has become a landmark icon in Los Angeles and the music community worldwide.


Progre$$ Recording Session w Nick Breton at Truth Studios in Los Angeles. Progre$$ in the studio working on debut EP entirely produced by Chuck Strangers due out this summer.