Peter Cottontale & Reeseynem Listening Party at Truth Studios Los Angeles

Peter Cottontale & Reeseynem Listening Party

Peter Cottontale & Reeseynem Listening Party

Listening Party: Peter Cottontale & Reeseynem
Engineer/Host: Nick Breton
Guests: Nico Segal, Lido, Chance The Rapper, Lil Rel Howard, Colleen, Ant Clemons, Monica Martin, Madison Ryannward, Thundercat, Eryn Allen Kane,
Post Author: Nick Breton


Tonight was the best night in the studio that involved not making any music. Peter Cottontale and Reeseynem came in to play their new albums tonight. Peter Cottontale’s debut album Catch is a masterpiece. I’m a big fan of soul/gospel music and his flip on that with other modern music styles is really incredible. Vocal productions and arrangements are beyond words..

I set up the studio for one of them to play their album and the PA system downstairs for the other. Peter took first shift upstairs, Reeseynem took first shift downstairs. We started @ 8. Nico came in with Peter, Lido arrived with someone but I didn’t get her name, when music is playing in the studio I have a pretty hard time focusing or talking/listening to people. A handful of the guys who travel with this Peter/Nico/Chance and look after them on the road. They just performed on Ellen today and came straight here after. What a life

More people started to trickle in about half way through Peter’s album playing. Eventually we decided to drop the music downstairs and have everyone up in the studio together. It got packed. Chance came in along with a few other people I didn’t get the names of anyone besides Lil Rel Howard. There were so many people there I didn’t get a chance to really introduce myself to any of them. We had the room filled with 30+ people at that point and decided to start Peter’s album again.

His album is unbelievably good when you experience it from start to finish. Especially if you have some great speakers to listen to it on. It was a treat to hear it a total of three times.

Reeseynem’s album came on after we heard Peter’s the second time. Completely different vibe, he took us out of Church and into the club. Huge bass and bangin beats. Tons of experimental vocal production that I really loved. He’s rapping his ass off and the features killed it. Joey Purp went crazy on one of the songs, I don’t know any names but that was my favorite. He has a few songs on there that are amazing, can’t wait to actually have it so I can spend more time with it.

We took a break, some people took off. I put on the latest release from the studio which was KBR’s Rush Davis & J.Kelr’s album Expensive. Everyone who heard it was loving it. One person shazamed it and bought it right away. Happy we can make a project that makes a stranger feel that way after only hearing a part of the first song.

I went over to Erewhon to get some watermelon and a brownie. I did not inhale the marijuana. I ran into Tai and Ken from Christian Rich and invited them in because I haven’t seen them in ages, they just got back from a long period working in Berlin and I wanted to show them the studio changes.

When I got back upstairs Eryn Allen Kane was there asking me how to turn the music up because they had already started on the 3rd time playing Peter’s album. Thundercat showed up and brought someone who’s name I also didn’t catch. We blasted the album one final time. Everyone was blown away multiple times. I tried to pick a favorite song from his album but there’s too many choices. As of right now it’s 17 songs and it takes you on a journey. The last song is unreal.

I’m finishing writing this at 3:14am after all this just happened because the energy is fresh and I wanted to try and write out and remember as much as possible from tonight. May have to come back and revise this but – woo


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Tonight was the best night in the studio that involved not making any music. Peter Cottontale and Reeseynem came in to play their new albums tonight. Peter Cottontal’s debut album Catch is a masterpiece.