Nick Breton Mixing at Truth Studios

Nick Breton Mixing Lenora x Polyester The Saint Album

Artist: Lenora
Producer: Polyester The Saint
Mixing Engineer: Nick Breton
Post Author: Nick Breton
Photographer: Mara Strusser


Cracked a new album open today! Prepped two of the songs and got a first pass of the mix/master on them. This project is really fun, very danceable and groovy music with gorgeous vocal performances by Lenora. We have a total of 9 songs to mix and master, all recorded by Polyester, Nick Breton and Lenora over the past few months.

Gear Used Today:

Dangerous BAX EQ
Kush Audio MS EQ
Lynx Aurora 16
Grace Design m905
Pro Tools HD 12
Augspurger Duo 12″ + 18″ Subs (2)