BA 1084 Matched Pair at Truth Studios Los Angeles

NEW GEAR ALERT !! BA 1084 Matched Pair !!!

NEW GEAR ALERT !! BA 1084 Matched Pair !!!


I can’t explain how happy I am with this purchase… Anyone in the engineering world knows the Neve 1073 to be one of if not the best sounding mic pre of all time. The 1084 is basically its less popular but even better big brother. From my research, I understand the 1084 is less popular because the EQ has more features thus made the units cost more. I purchased these from Craigslist, used but from the original owner who had them built to order from Brent Averil. The model is the BA 1084, not BAE 1084… And these are built with repurposed original Neve parts, not “Neve parts”…

I saw this post on Craigslist and thought there was no chance I’d be able to make an offer because I expected them to sell within minutes. Especially being priced under market value at $5,800 for the pair. After talking with Tio, the original owner I offered him $5,400 and explained that I’m very over extended financially but have wanted a 1073 for the studio for years. I also felt strangely connected to these when I saw them like I knew they were the right pieces to buy for the studio. Tio brought them over and we plugged them up to test them out, while we only did a quick plug and play I already noticed a surprisingly low noise floor. He recently had them serviced, I’d imagine them to be good as new.

I ran out of time to install them before Cam came in for his session tonight but I’ll be getting them in play tomorrow before my next session with Cam. Very excited to start testing these puppies out, also very happy I have Cam (who may have the best ears of anyone I know) to help me test.

BA 1084 Matched Pair

Perhaps the secret Holy Grail.


BA 1084 Matched Pair at Truth Studios Recording Studio Los Angeles. BA 1084 Matched Pair Newly bought and integrated into studio set up for clients to use.