Online mixing:
How it works

  • File submission

    • 01. Send song session in any DAW, do not change the sample rate or bit rate you created the song in.
    • 02. Send individual audio tracks (must be consolidated or bounced from the start point of your song : bar 1 beat 1 or start time code)
    • 03. All files must be the same duration, sample rate, and bit depth
    • 04. Timing issues will not be fixed unless otherwise noted upon submitting files
    • 05. Tracks cannot share different sounds; ex: snare drum and back up vocals
    • 06. Vocals will not be tuned unless noted upon submitting files
    • 07. Send your rough mix and one or two reference tracks for sonic examples. Tell us what you like and don’t like about included rough/reference mix.
    • 08. Export any midi/virtual instruments as audio files. We may not have all your software and need playback to be identical to what you have.
  • How to

    • Upload your Pro Tools Session or individual audio tracks in folders separated by song send at and send them to
  • What is

    • 01. Each song is treated, automated (level-balanced), frequencies receive adjustments, imperfections are edited and problems are fixed
    • 02. Effects are added to treat each track in order to fit them into a place where each instrument has it's own space and frequency space in the stereo field.
    • 03. Each song is different but we do our best to meet the needs of the artist as that's most important
    • 04. Creating a well balanced song so all instruments and vocals are given proper space and frequency.
  • Benefits of

    • 01. Balance out frequencies and create space for each instrument and vocal in the stereo field
    • 02. Creating the sound the artist is searching for weather it's clean, dirty, distorted ect.
    • 03. Improve clarity and life to the song
    • 04. Taking a song to the next professional level achievable after it's been recorded