Chuck Inglish Mixing at Truth Studios

Mixing Chuck Inglish Everybody’s Big Brother


Artist: Chuck Inglish
Producer: Chuck Inglish
Mixing Engineer: Nick Breton


Getting back in the studio with Chuck Inglish for Crunch time mixing his new album Everybody’s Big Brother. First day hearing some of the tracks since I mastered 2003 a few weeks ago. Really excited to hear the project in full once it’s been cleaned up. A bit unorthodox to be working on mixes his engineer Brandon did but the sessions are massive and there’s a ton of work to be done. I always start by assessing what the overall goal is for the album, sonic references and time frame incase you have to meet a short deadline you have to make decisions smart and fast. We got through about 5 songs today, will need to revisit them but feeling good about the amount of progress.

With each song I start by listening down 2/3 times. Getting an idea of the arrangement, organization for what is where in the session and figuring out why it is the way it is. After years of doing this I have a pretty good system so I rip apart whatever is there and set it up in my own way. Getting things organized in small groups: Instrument, Drums, Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Hook Vocals, Hook Background vocals, effects etc. Once it’s organized I break it out into the summing amp according to the arrangement of the song as to not tax one stereo output too hard. Mixing in stems to then bring it all back in as a stereo audio file printed within the session before exporting. If you have any questions about this feel free to email us.


Lynx Aurora
Dangerous D Box
Pro Tools HD3 PCIe
Focal SM9s


Writer, producer, rapper from Chicago most famously known for The Cool Kids group. Affiliated with Mac Miller, Ab-Soul, Chromeo, Pharrell, Action Bronson and many others. Working on sophomore solo album called “Everybody’s Big Brother” as a follow up to “Convertibles”


Mixing Chuck Inglish Everybody’s Big Brother at Truth Studios Recording Studio in Los Angeles California with Engineer Nick Breton. New Chuck Inglish Album.