Online mastering:
How it works

  • File submission

    • 01. Send the high-res file for your mix (WAV or AIFF) at the same sample rate & bit depth your session is in. Do not convert it to a higher or lower sample rate / bit depth
    • 02. Mastering generally takes 2-3 days after the files have been reviewed and confirmed. Our schedule varies and we'll talk about the timeline at the time of submission.
  • How to

  • What is

    • 01. Each song is level-balanced, frequencies receive final adjustments, imperfections are edited out, and other problems are taken care of
    • 02. Final stage of completing a song before it is released
    • 03. Last opportunity to make everything fit together cohesively with consistent sound on every song
    • 04. Embedding metadata into the songs for all titles to be encoded for CD Players, Computers and other devices to categorize your music.
    • 05. Mastering is taking a recorded and mixed song to a professional level
  • Benefits of

    • 01. Balance out frequencies and bring up overall volume of song. Create consistency within a project (all volume levels are equal and frequency levels are relatively balance across all songs).
    • 02. Improve clarity and add punch to a song
    • 03. Add depth and remove glitches, clicks and pops