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Joey Badass Chuck Strangers Recording Session

Joey Badass Chuck Strangers Recording Session

Artist: Joey Badass, Chuck Strangers
Procuer: Chuck Strangers
Recording Engineer: Nick Breton
Guests: Dee, Blak


The perfect surprise ending to an amazing week at the studio. The Samson video came out this morning and got a fantastic response from so many people. Progress came in for a 6-hour session this morning/early afternoon which lead to two new songs being created for his album. I got home at 8 pm, Joey called me right as I sat down asking if they could come in at 9. Bounced right up from the couch to go grab dinner and prep the studio. Joey, Chuck, Dee, Blak and (forgot the last guys name) arrived early and the first stop on their agenda was listening to the masters for Chuck’s new album.

Chuck Strangers Album Listening:

Starting the session off like this made me very happy. The fact that it was Joey’s first item on his agenda was very impressive. We all listened very closely to the album as it played from song to song. Once we made it through the album Joey had 3 small notes, one of which was about the tracklist that made a big difference/improvement. I noticed a small issue on the mix of one kick drum sample but outside of that the album sounded cohesive and has a great flow. I’m a big fan of Chuck as a producer and I was floored when I first heard him rap a few months ago. This album is amazing for a debut project, I highly recommend it to all rap fans.

Recording details:

Joey sent me the beat for tonight, I threw it in Pro Tools and set the tempo. Chuck did an asshole producer move making it 97.7 (I hate anything that isn’t a whole number or a .5). Awesome beat tho, great sample & he mixed it to sound like an epic New York movie. I looped up a section for the guys to write to and started setting up the gear. Chuck finished his verse first, I sized up the mic for him and we started setting levels.

Once I got Chuck’s levels set he blew through the verse. He recorded 4 takes to have options, all of which were damn near perfect. After the verse was down he did one take of adlibs to spice it up.

Joey went in next, I adjusted the mic and set levels for him then he followed suit. Three takes, all near flawless with slight pronunciation differences. We listened back to both verses and got it all sorted. Joey popped back in the booth to throw libs in so his verse matched Chucks. These guys are incredible & so prolific – truly special to watch them work.

They weren’t feeling anything for a chorus section and decided to use a movie sample instead. I cued up the system to record in from Youtube and we started picking parts for the intro, mid section between their verses and the outro. I took a little time to mix it down once we got all the pieces together and popped out a bounce.

Amazing spontaneous session, thankful Joey hit me and I was in town to make it work. Love these guys, they’re fantastic people and I love making music with them.


Rapper & Label owner for the Pro Era crew. An international touring artist with multiple high selling albums independently. Collaborations and touring with artists like Schoolboy Q, The Roots, BJ The Chicago Kid, all artists within Pro Era, and many more.


Producer & Rapper in Pro Era crew. Most known for producing countless Joey Bada$$ records along with Kirk Knight, CJ Fly and other Pro Era members. Debut rap album due 2017.


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Joey Badass Chuck Strangers Recording Session at Truth Studios with Engineer Nick Breton. Joey Badass Chuck Strangers at Truth Studios Recording Studio Los Angeles.