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Demrick Dizzy Wright Euroz Recording Session

Demrick Dizzy Wright Euroz Recording Session

Artist: Demrick, Dizzy Wright, Euroz
Recording Engineer: Nick Breton
Photography: Nick Breton
Guests: A few people who were really nice


Set up a session with Demrick after he came in to film a one take for our series with Jakob/BuffNerd. He killed the one take and we popped over to Erewhon for a meal. Hung out catching up a little and got straight to it after.

Demrick sent the beat and track he recorded previously for reference and I loaded everything up in Pro Tools. First step for me is always to set the tempo and find the key incase anyone needs auto tune. Always helps to be prepared and ready when you’re moving fast in a session. Key piece of advice, do as much as you can to anticipate what a client may ask of you so you can keep pace with requests and move quickly.

Recording details:


I set up the Sony C800-G (makes me smile that I get to say that & get to use that mic!!!) to let it warm up for an hour before. Patched up my chain for tonight (see gear list below) and started recording with Demrick. De wanted to re-record his parts because he wasn’t happy with how the original sounded. We were both impressed by the way the Sony sounded. He knocked out his verse in three or four takes, we were just looking for the right feeling. We spent a little while on the hook he ran four or five full takes of the song singing the hook over and over again to get into it. Tons of great parts in there I just didn’t have the energy to comp it.

Euroz went in and sang over the hook and tried to add some bits for doubles and adlibs. I wasn’t aware he sang and wasn’t expecting his voice to be so pretty. He’s got a great R&B style with really nice tone. We ran three or four passes to collect pieces then left it to be sorted at another time.

Dizzy was last to plug in his verse, he wrote it on the spot. I believe it was a 24 bar verse. Crushed it in three or four takes as well. These guys are all so talented and great to work with.

Small side note that this was the first session on the C800-G. Just like to mark little pieces of history like this so I have it on record.


Writer & Rapper from Washington. In a group with Xzibit and B-Real, worked with Jim Jonsin, Paul Wall, Logic and many others. Extensive music catalogue, world wide touring artist and dozens of song placements in film and tv.


Rapper from Las Vegas.


Rapper from Las Vegas.


Sony C800-G
Great River 500
Dangerous BAX EQ
Empirical Labs DerrEsser
Purple MC77
Universal Audio Teletronix LA2A
Lynx Aurora 16
Burl B2
Grace Design m905
Pro Tools HD 12
SMC50 | ATC Loudspeakers
Adam S3X-H
Adam Sub-12


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Demrick Dizzy Wright Euroz Recording Session at Truth Studios with Engineer Nick Breton. Demrick Dizzy Wright Euroz Recording Session in LA at Truth.