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Chuck Inglish, Maxine Ashley, Buddy Session


Artist: Maxine Ashley, Buddy
Producer: Chuck Inglish
Recording Engineer: Nick Breton


We made the theme song for Truth Studios today. The hook went something like “Too much candy, too much candy..” Inspired by Buddy eating too much candy from the infamous candy jar. Finally reconnected with Chuck Inglish to watch him make a track from scratch. Got to film a bit so keep an eye out for a new making a beat video in the near future. Excited to finally work with Maxine Ashley, been a long time fan of hers from hearing her sing on The Cool Kids songs a few albums back. Got some new ideas down, made it pretty far with this new track since we started from scratch today. We have another day in tomorrow to finish it and start some new stuff. Maxine has a beautiful voice, Chuck Inglish made a cool new beat today and Buddy was hanging around to help come up with ideas and lyrics.



Custom Tube modified Microphone (C12 Capsule, ELAM 251 Style Electronics)
Empirical Labs Distressor (x2)
Manley Labs Cardiod Reference Microphone
Purple Audio Sweet 10 500 Series Rack
Great River MP500NV Pre Amp
Purple Audio MC77 Compressor
Lynx Aurora 16
Dangerous D Box
Pro Tools HD3 PCIe
Unity Audio Boulder MKIIs
Pelonis Model 42s
Focal SM9s


Writer, rapper, producer from Chicago. Most famously known for being part of The Cool Kids. Chuck Inglish had a debut solo album released late last year and is most famously affiliated with acts like Mac Miller, Ab-Soul, Chromeo, Action Bronson and many others.


Writer, rapper, singer from Compton originally known for working with Pharrell and IamOTHER. Affiliated with Pharrell Williams, Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke and many others.


Chuck Inglish, Maxine Ashley, Buddy Session at Recording Studio Truth Studios with Recording Engineer Nick Breton. Workin on new song about “Too Much Candy”