Chef Kai Brunch St. Vincent Meals on Wheels _Nick Breton Photography-13

Chef Kai Brunch St. Vincent Meals on Wheels

Chef Kai Brunch St. Vincent Meals on Wheels

Every now and again if you work hard enough you just might get lucky too! Amidst my insane schedule working on Cam’s album and starting a new album with a¬†client by the name of Progress, I was asked to photograph this event. St. Vincent Meals on Wheels was founded by Sister Alice Marie Quinn 40 years ago. Her charity is responsible for serving over 2.6 MILLION meals to those in need. Unbelievable woman with an incredibly powerful movement!

Thanks to my neighbor Kim and her friend Claudine, I was able to photograph the event and enjoy insanely delicious food by Chef Kai. Kai is a 16-year-old chef on the rise who made a 6-course meal for 85 people… She’s going places if you can’t tell by that last statement.

I was floating around this beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills taking pictures of the festivities and felt incredibly humbled to be a small part of the event. Shooting the cover picture was one of many highlights, getting to shoot pictures of guests with LL COOL J and Magic Johnson seemed surreal for all involved.

All of Kai’s food was amazing and I’m very, very happy I was able to be there!


Canon 6D

Canon 35mm L

Canon 70-200mm L Mark II

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Canon 24mm L

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Chef Kai Brunch St. Vincent Meals on Wheels Brunch Event to raise money for St. Vincent Meals On Wheels 40th Aniversary. LL COOL J, Magic Johnson and Chef Kai