Cam O'bi x Nick Breton Mixing at Truth Studios

Cam O’bi x Nick Breton Mixing Session #2

Artist: Cam O’bi
Producer: Cam O’bi
Mixing Engineer: Nick Breton
Post Author: Nick Breton
Photography: Mara Stusser


Mixing session #2 for Cam O’bi’s new single “Sunny Days”. We’ve been having a lot of fun mixing this record because it’s such a fun song to listen to. Spend the session working out a few kinks from our last mix. We also ended up recording a few new ad-libs for the song and experimenting with a new idea on the chorus. Making nice strides forward with each session and of course having a lot of fun in the process.


Dangerous BAX EQ
Kush Audio MS EQ
Lynx Aurora 16
Grace Design m905
Pro Tools HD 12
Augspurger Duo 12″ + 18″ Subs (2)