Cam O'bi Truth Studios January Sessions Day 1 Photo by Nick Breton

Cam O’bi Truth Studios January Sessions

It’s official! Day 1 with Cam!

We spent the first few hours talking about the game plan for this week and sorting out sessions/files. Cam’s album is currently projected to be over 30 songs and he’s broken it into segments for us to work on it. Since we’ve already finished a few songs from the past work we’ve done, this segment is already off and running.

Our first song for this week is called “Pure Imagination”. We started working on this song together back in 2015. Cam’s laptop was stolen just months before we met, all of his files for his album were taken so he’s had to re-create all of the music. We focused a lot on vocals in our previous session and since we haven’t seen each other for a while Cam was able to get all the music work done. He exported the files out of Frooty Loops and I pulled everything into Pro Tools.

This session exceeded the total track count for my Pro Tools rig, a message I haven’t seen in YEARS. With over 200 individual vocal tracks to manage most of our first session was spent organizing and consolidating tracks.

Big work load ahead for this week, planning to spend a few nights at the studio to maximize working as much as possible on the album.