Cam O'bi Truth Studios January Sessions Day 2 Photo by Nick Breton

Cam O’bi Truth Studios January Sessions 2

Started a bit late today, I had to get a few things done before we could drive over to the studio.

I organized all of the files I received yesterday and got the Pro Tools session to play back. I exported a few bounces for Cam and set him up so he could record himself. His focus was to add all of the intro vocals for the song. I organized the downstairs (future Podcast studio) while Cam was recording himself. We used our U-87 and 1084 pre amp for his vocal chain. Cam likes clean and realistic vocals so we went for the classic combo.

After a few hours, he let me know he was ready to transfer all the new files. I imported ANOTHER 95 tracks of vocals into the session and started the process of chopping it all down again. Had to play Tetris with all the regions in order to make it work! It took a few hours of finessing but by the end of the night we were able to get it all sorted and playing back.

Mixing starts tomorrow! Very excited to get this song done! It’s been a long labor pursuit for us and the finish line is in sight!