Barns Courtney Recording Session w Nick B at Truth Studios

Barns Courtney Recording Session w Nick B

Barns Courtney Recording Session w Nick B

Artist: Barns Courtney
Recording Engineer: Nick Breton


What a treat. This was a very special recording session, I have to say it was one of the best sessions in my ten years of recording music. This guy has a fucking cool voice and his story for this song was as great as the song itself. Barns Courtney arrived to the studio and we were all unsure of the plan and didn’t know what files to use for our session. A quick call to sort it our got us on the road to music coming out of the speakers. I took a few minutes to sort out a tempo change from 136 BPM down to 111. This tempo change is the reason we re-cut the song. The vocals sounded like they went through a cheese grater stretching down 25 BPM.

After getting the music to our new BPM Barns went in the booth and started putting in WORK!

Recording details:

I set up the Sony C800-G and the 1960 Sony C37-A one on top of the other so I could capture a clean polished pop tone alongside a duller vibey option. The C800-G went into the CL1B and onward to the BURL. The C37-A started off going directly to the BURL but after a few takes, I decided to patch it through the LA2A because it was a very dynamic recording with soft verses and a big chorus. It took me about 4 takes to really learn the song and dial in the vocals because of the dynamics but

It took me about 4 takes to really learn the song and dial in the vocals because of the dynamics but I started riding my outputs on the 1084s and things were clicking. Barns ran through 6 or 7 takes from top to bottom then decided to focus on the first verse. I put him on loop record at his request and he really locked in.

After getting a plethora of takes for the first verse I made a few small tweaks and had Barns record 4 or 5 more takes of the whole song. It’s rare for me to get artists who will perform an entire song from top to bottom these days. This is a really special song and I was hoping we’d catch lightning in a bottle for one really special one. I had goosebumps several times throughout the tracking which is a sign for me that something special happened.

What a fantastic session, thank you Barns and all who were involved in making this happen.


Sony C800-G
Sony C37-A (1960)
[2] BA 1084 (original 1990’s neve model)
Tube-Tech CL1B
Universal Audio LA2A
Lynx Aurora 16
Burl B2
Grace Design m905
Pro Tools HD 12
SMC50 | ATC Loudspeakers
Adam S3X-H
Adam Sub-12


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Barns Courtney Recording Session w Nick B at Truth Studios. Barns Courtney Recording Session w Nick B re-recording a new song at a slower tempo.